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Super Sour Lemon Strain

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Super Sour Lemon Strain

The Super Sour Lemon strain is a much-beloved addition to our award-winning inventory, and for good reason. Those with a strong preference for sativa particularly enjoy the brightening effect it tends to have, not to mention the unmistakably sweet and tangy taste.

House of Dankness always stocks our inventory with the most interesting and bedrock THC strains because we know our clientele has some of the most discerning tastes in the Denver cannabis community. If you've heard good things about Super Sour Lemon, read on — sativa lovers especially, you won't be disappointed.

Origin of Super Sour Lemon Strain

Super Sour Lemon is a cross between Cali Sour and Lemon OG Kush. While the classic strains were likely chosen for their equally distinct tastes and effects, they are still determining who originally crossed the two. What we do know is their handiwork culminated in an extremely popular strain with a palpable zest in terms of both taste and feeling.

Super Sour Lemon Strain Effects

By tempering the euphoric effects of Cali Sour with Lemon OG's very slight indica dominance, Super Sour Lemon usually instills a fun-loving warmth that can't help but radiate outward. The most consistent report is a noticeable "buzzing" sensation, almost certain to instill an adventurous spirit Other commonly reported effects of Super Sour Lemon include:

  • Mental stimulation

  • Focus

  • Inspiration

The bright golden strain instills a very outward and exploratory energy at many levels. Even for those quite familiar with sativa, it often manifests as a talkative, fun-loving brazenness.

Given its ability to cut through a dull malaise, Super Sour Lemon is the strain of choice for those seeking something more overtly unique in their cannabis journey. For us, it's a potent reminder of the unceasing depth of the cannabis plant in general, and especially for those who continually reinvigorate their taste for novelty.

Super Sour Lemon Terpenes

As expected, these effects are even more pronounced in concentrated form (e.g., kief and concentrates). However, it's not quite the "blast-off" of more cerebral strains like Trainwreck or Bruce Banner, as Super Sour Lemon leaves more than enough room for nuance even in saturated form.

Super Sour Lemon's terpenes are higher energy than the whole-form bud, yet it still manages to keep that energy from getting too far away from you. That's likely a lingering effect of Lemon OG's touch of indica, even though Super Sour Lemon is almost fully sativa dominant.

With concentrated terpenes, you can enhance these effects by making this exceptionally unique THC compound more bioavailable. Artists, philosophers, and the analytically minded alike need help finding a more potent way to unleash creativity.

It may be good to stick with a flower or another whole bud form for those who've felt a little anxious with more cerebral strains. An alternative would be taking smaller amounts of super sour lemon kief or concentrate at a time, allowing you to gradually and comfortably lean into the effects.

Unleash Your Senses with the Delectable Super Sour Lemon Strain from House of Dankness

As one of the most delightful popular strains, Super Sour Lemon has enough lift-off to brighten any day. Whether from the comfort of home or at a choice mountain trail, social event, or any other inspired setting, you can rely on Super Sour Lemon to sweeten your aesthetics and enliven your taste buds.

Please explore our world-expert-curated inventory — the result of years spent developing certain groundbreaking strains of our own. You can also order online for faster in-store pickup if you know exactly what you need and want to beat the rush.

As always, we're here to answer any questions about different THC cannabis strains for all your med and rec needs. Contact us or visit House of Dankness the next time you'd like a veritable sidekick to help you embark on your next inspired session.

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