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See Our Facility!

See Our Facility!


A recreational and medical dispensary serving customers 21+ 

House of Dankness offers top quality in-house products grown and extracted at the same location! Whether it is our Rare Dankness prepackaged 8ths, full flower pre-rolls, live resin, wax, popcorn ounces, or any of our other in-house products we strive for the best quality possible at the best prices! Our staff is well versed in their cannabis knowledge and can help you find the product that best suits your needs.

Our 50+ multi cannabis cup/award winning team, led by Corey Buffkin in the grow and Peyton Smith in the MIP, have  won awards across the state of Colorado, the United States, and the globe!

If it is not something we make, we have a vendor for it! Make sure to check out our large selection of 3rd party vendors we have offering topicals, solventless edibles, live resin disposables, pre-packaged 8ths, and everything in between! 

We are open every day from 9am-10pm, we offer special deals and discounts every day, so make sure you look at one of our many promotions! 

Work With Us!

We are always looking for passionate, hardworking, good people! Click the button below to see our job openings!


Rooster Cup 2012

1st Place Sativa- Jack Herer

3rd Place Sativa- Super Lemon Haze

3rd Place Indica- Hell's OG Kush

Our Awards

This is only the beginning. We are constantly changing our techniques to improve our products and their quality.


What is great today could be even better tomorrow!

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