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Sherb Cake Strain


The award-winning botanists at Denver's House of Dankness are well-versed in the art of crossbreeding cannabis strains to refine specific attributes of their offspring. Our equally impressive budtenders understand the nuances of every strain and enjoy making personalized recommendations. When you visit our medical and recreational dispensary looking for something sweet, uplifting, and relaxing, your budtender may suggest trying Sherb Cake – an Indica-dominant hybrid strain.


Also known as Sherbet Cake, Sherb Cake is one of many cannabis hybrids of unknown origin. Despite its mysterious beginnings, Sherb Cake's lineage is seldom disputed. After exploring the hybrid's appearance, flavor profile, and overall effects, it's easy to understand why the award-winning strain consistently shines at industry expos and cannabis competitions.


Exploring the Visual Characteristics of Sherbet Cake 

Sherbet Cake is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. Girl Scout Cookies, one of the most popular strains in North America, is an OG Kush/Durban Poison hybrid with light green leaves, purple buds, bright orange hairs, and a heavy coating of trichomes. On the other hand, Pink Panties is a cross between Burmese Blackberry Kush and Florida Kush. The plant has dense, grape-shaped, forest-green nugs with vivid pick undertones, matching hairs, and a layer of crystalline trichomes.  


The visual characteristics of their offspring reflect traits inherited from both sides of the family tree. Sherbet Cake has dense, bright green fan leaves, tight, grape-like nuggets, and deep purple sugar leaves coated in sticky crystals. Although the Sherbet Cake strain is the offspring of plants selected for their distinctively sweet, dessert-like flavors, the hybrid is also quite potent. Its THC concentrations typically fall between 16 and 26%.  


Flavor & Aroma: An Overview of the Hybrid's Distinctive Terpene Profile 

Sherbet is a frozen dessert traditionally made with fruit, milk, and sugar suspended in a base of whipped egg whites or gelatin. Some are flavored with wine or liqueurs. Now imagine the summertime treat served with generous layers of lemon cookie crumbles, topped with freshly whipped cream, and garnished with mint. Nice! Right?


The Sherbet Cake strain has a delightfully similar vibe as its name suggests. You'll notice strong hints of berry and vanilla when breaking the buds with subtle cheese-like overtones. You'll pick up on a buttery flavor accented with blueberry on the inhale. There's a hint of tropical citrus and spice on the exhale – flavors and aromas explained by the dominance of the following plant terpenes.


Limonene contributes to the refreshing juniper, rosemary, citrus fruits, and pine aromas. The terpene can make cannabis taste sweet or sour depending on how it's combined with other active plant components and is often said to have an invigorating, mood-elevating effect.  



Linalool gives the Sherbet Cake strain its berry-flavored inhale and refreshing mint-like exhale. It contributes to the "floral" tones in cannabis strains and dominates the terpene profiles of birch trees, lavender, and cinnamon. Anecdotal evidence suggests linalool helps transport THC across the blood-brain barrier.


Myrcene has a clove-like aroma that contributes to the spicy herbal tones of Sherb Cake. Known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, myrcene is also found in thyme, lemongrass, and sweet basil. The terpene is credited for contributing to the sedating effects of numerous cannabis strains.



Nerolidol has subtle floral notes and a sweet, delicate fragrance. You might also pick up on the scent of citrus or apple. Like myrcene, nerolidol contributes to relaxation and often appears in the terpene profiles of hybrids sporting sweet berry and vanilla-like flavors.


Visit Denver's House of Dankness for Sherb Cake Flower and Vapes 

Sherb Cake is a high-potency hybrid strain known for its sweet, fruity, cake-like inhale and spiced tropical exhale. Most cannabis consumers report feeling uplifted, focused, and motivated at its onset and enjoy how its effects transition to full-body relaxation over time. When you're ready to explore the finer points of everything Sherbet Cake flower and vapes have to offer, visit our House of Dankness in Denver, Colorado. You'll find us right off I-70 and Havana.


House of Dankness is known for providing an impressive selection of expertly crafted in-house products at unbeatable prices. We also stock solventless edibles, vape pens, and topicals from other top-tier vendors. If you have questions about Sherb Cake or any other cannabis strain on our diverse menu, call (303) 373-7373 or submit a contact form. Denver's House of Dankness is a recreational and medical dispensary serving the cannabis needs of adults 21+.

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