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We are always wanting to improve, Please let us know how your experience went, and how we can make it better!

We aim to give our customers the best experience a dispensary can offer and set the standard for all other cannabis stores in Denver!

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Americans with Disability Act assistance

The AbilityNet website provides guidance to make your computer more accessible, enabling computer users to make the most of the internet whatever their ability or disability. It offers help with seeing the screen, using your keyboard and mouse, hearing sounds, and with reading and spelling.

For video closed captioning on the homepage please visit:

Warning: Use of Marijuana Concentrate may lead to:

1. Psychotic symptoms and/or Psychotic disorder (delusions, hallucinations, or difficulty distinguishing reality); 2. Mental Health Symptoms/Problems; 3. Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) (uncontrolled and repetitive vomiting); 4. Cannabis use disorder / dependence, including physical and psychological dependence

Owned and Operated By: R.D. INDUSTRIES II, LLC

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