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Mai Tai Weed Strain

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Experienced botanists crossbreed two or more cannabis strains to fine-tune their flavors, aromas, and overall effects. Cannabis consumers in Colorado have the advantage of shopping for strains cultivated and extracted in-house by the award-winning experts at Denver's House of Dankness. Whether you're an experienced cannabis connoisseur or indulging your curiosity for the first time, our team will help guide you to the ideal strains for the experience you're hoping to achieve.


When you're in the mood for a highly potent flower with a sweet, tangy, tropical vibe, consider the many virtues of our Mai Tai strain. Our knowledgeable budtenders will be happy to answer any questions you might have after exploring its origins, distinctive flavor profile, and overall effects when we see you in person. Until then, we invite you to browse our menu, order online for in-store pickup, and enroll in our Marijuana Rewards Program. You'll get exclusive deals, receive notifications of upcoming events, and earn points to redeem on future purchases.

Exploring the Visual Characteristics of Mai Tai Flower 


Mai Tai is the offspring of two strains known for optimal potency and flavor, Maui Waui and Tutti Frutti. Maui Waui was one of the first hybrids with enhanced concentrations of THC. Its light green buds are encrusted with white trichomes accented with orange and yellow hairs. Tutti Frutti's flavorful spring-green bud, on the other hand, is threaded with deeper rust-colored pistils. Translucent amber-colored trichomes cover the flower's inner and outer surfaces.


The visual characteristics of the Mai Tai strain mirrors traits from both branches of its impressive lineage. The strain is well-known for its dense yet fluffy buds adorned with orange hairs and golden trichomes. Upon closer inspection, you may see purple or pink accents disbursed throughout the bright green nugs. As the offspring of strains cultivated for flavor, aroma, and THC optimization, Mai Tai flower may not be ideal for less experienced cannabis consumers because the hybrid's THC concentrations can exceed 30%.

Investigating the Complex Flavor and Aroma of Mai Tai Flower 


The classic Mai Tai is one of the most requested Tiki drinks worldwide – an adult beverage made with a blend of light and dark rum, orange curacao, fresh lime juice, and sweet almond syrup (orgeat). Although the recipe can vary by location, the drink is often shaken, served over ice, and garnished with everything from pineapple wedges and cherries to sliced lime and fresh mint.


Like its namesake, the Mai Tai strain has a citrusy flavor and aroma punctuated with tropical fruit and berry overtones. You'll also detect a hint of sharp, minty undertones. Its aroma is often described as a tangy "jungle" of scents with notes of tropical fruit, blossoming flowers, and damp earth, traits best explained by the dominance of the following plant terpenes.



Myrcene has a fruity, clove-like aroma often credited for the calming effects of lemongrass and hops. Although the terpene is said to assist in the transport of cannabinoids across the blood-brain barrier and enhance the impact of THC, the assertions remain unverified by data-backed evidence. 


Linalool has a floral aroma many cannabis consumers describe as a citrusy-lavender fragrance. You may also detect a hint of spice. Researchers investigating its possible contributions to the overall effect of cannabis note potential benefits for easing physical discomfort, relaxation, and more.  


Terpinolene plays an essential role in the flavor and aroma of numerous cannabis strains. Its fragrance is often described as fresh, floral, or woodsy. Subjective reports suggest the terpene produces a stimulating effect when combined with THC.  


Limonene contributes to the invigorating aromas of citrus fruit and pine needles. Although most of the research investigating the therapeutic potential of plant terpenes remains in preliminary stages, current evidence suggests possible benefits for mood elevation, stress relief, and cannabinoid absorption.

Visit Denver's House of Dankness for Premium Mai Tai Flower  


Mai Tai is a potent, evenly balanced cannabis strain with a remarkably delicious flavor and aroma. Most Mai Tai enthusiasts enjoy the hybrid's uplifting, energizing effects that transition to a relaxing, potentially sedating full-body buzz. To learn more, visit our House of Dankness in Denver, Colorado. You'll find us near the airport off I-70 and Havana at 10555 E 45th Ave.

House of Dankness strives to provide top-quality pre-packaged eights, full flower pre-rolls, live resin, wax concentrates, and other in-house products at the best prices. We also stock solventless edibles, vape pens, and topicals from top-tier Colorado vendors to consistently deliver the level of quality and variety we believe in. If you have questions about Mai Tai or any other strain on our diverse menu, call (303) 373-7373 or submit a contact form. House of Dankness is a recreational and medical dispensary serving customers 21+.

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