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Terpene Concentrates and Live Resin

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At House of Dankness, we're frequently asked what makes cannabis concentrates so popular in Denver. Terpenes, the aromatic compounds of plants, are very potent and more abundant in concentrates. Cannabis terpenes contain psychoactive and medicinal compounds, and each strain's terpene profile lends to its unique characteristics (akin to its "essential oils").


Greater concentrations of terpenes also make cannabis more viable, enhancing the psychoactive and healing effects of the given strain. It's even been shown that terpenes usher THC across the blood-brain barrier more effectively. In short, THC, CBD, cannabidiol, and other useful compounds are much higher across different types of concentrates.


You'll find a much wider spectrum of nuanced effects with concentrates, taking you beyond the basic sativa-indica dynamic. Read on to learn more, including how to use cannabis concentrates and what the best form of concentrate is for you.


What Are Marijuana Concentrates?

The defining quality of cannabis concentrates is their higher levels of THC, CBD, and other compounds. Think of them as a naturally processed version of the shimmering, high-potency dust found at the bottom of a weed container (the "kief"). Just as a small amount of kief packs the same punch as a large flower bud, concentrated products are much higher in potency.


Concentrates are also easy to develop into other products thanks to their versatility, concentration, and variability. For example, medical CBD products will be easier to fit into your daily routine, being more compact and easier to use discretely. THC concentrates will deliver a much more psychoactive effect and with greater nuance. Many other beneficial compounds (such as CBDa and Delta-8) are easier to research and develop into products using concentrates, accelerating the discovery of the plant's composition and benefits.


Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

There is an enormous variety of concentrates, and the options are continually expanding. In our opinion, the most effective way to learn about them is to stop by your preferred dispensary. At House of Dankness, we're continually expanding our inventory, including numerous items containing fully homegrown Denver terpenes—literally the first in the world of their kind!


You'll find concentrates in several forms, including oil extracts, tinctures, and various substances that can resemble a kind of thick gum (such as live resin) or even glass or crystal (a product called shatter).


How To Use Concentrates

It's most helpful to get your concentrates from a consistent supplier who can show you the difference between each concentrate side by side, along with the wide variability within each product type. It helps you hone your search as the topic gradually becomes less overwhelming, especially for anyone wondering, "Where can I buy… ?"


  • Dabs—used by preheating a glass device (a "rig," not a bong) with a torch, then applying the dab to the heated element and breathing in the vapor.

  • Wax & sugar wax—smokable, just like flower, or for use in open-bowl vaping devices

  • Live resin—comes in smokable, edible, and vaporizable forms

  • Shatter—used much like dabs, with a torch/rig combo

  • Oil infusions and extracts—simply take a dropper-full (or a precise dose), and hold it under your tongue

  • Vape juice—just plug it in and go!

Indulge in Premium Concentrates at House of Dankness in Denver, Colorado

Whether from our hand-picked 3rd-party vendors or our internationally renowned in-house growers and researchers, you're guaranteed to find the most unique and effective cannabis concentrates at House of Dankness. We're conveniently located along Denver's western I-70 corridor for travelers seeking an immediate elevation to their Colorado experience and for local cannabis enthusiasts with discerning tastes.


House of Dankness grows and extracts our products fully on-site, so you can be sure you're getting the finest products and attentive service at our highly polished retail storefront. See why locals and visitors rave about our globally renowned strains and products, order online, or contact us for any questions about our line of award-winning concentrates and other cannabis products. Find our offerings on Weedmaps, Leafly, and Dutchie.

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